Monday, March 23, 2009

oh mr. sandman...

today i dreamt that i was auditioning for a movie and had to do a sex scene with dev patel. if i dreamt things like this more often, i would probably sleep all the time. just saying.

also, i realized today that i haven't been camping in a long time. which is not cool, considering i really, really fucking love nature probably more than anything else in the world. okay, maybe i love reggae and scrabble a little bit more, but nature is a close third.* i think that, if lina has a free weekend soon, i might steal her and make her go hiking** and canoeing and camping with me. if you're lina and you're reading this, don't tell lina you just read this. i want to surprise her. or, uh, you.***

in other news, sin fang bous is awesome and you should check them out. they're from iceland. wouldn't listening to a band from iceland make you feel cultured and interesting? i bet it wou-ouuuuld! (read that aloud in a singsong voice. no, that won't do. you have a horrible voice. never mind.)

anyway, here's a video of theirs. i suggest you give them a listen, because they're pretty stellar. they're on myspace, too (, and you should add them there. in fact, i haven't either yet. i'm gonna go do that.

*meh. let's call it a tie.

**not real hiking. i am disabled and out of shape. maybe a mile or so. but i rest my case with the other two.


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