Saturday, March 28, 2009

oh, the irony

so, i have this friend named daniel. daniel is probably one of the most conservative people i've ever tolerated for more than five minutes. he and i were discussing an event on facebook called "conservative earth hour" (turn on all the lights in your house for an hour to protest caring about the earth, basically), and this is a chilling excerpt from our conversation:

ah, sorry, i was away for a sec
my thoughts are that it's the stupidest thing in the world
it's obvious that the only reason they're doing this is so that they can find another way to disagree with liberals
if you don't ascribe to a certain political leaning, that's fine...but this is not a political issue
this is our planet at stake
I mean it makes sense to me
to take care of the earth
but sometimes
I think
people are willing to do anyhting
for the sake of Global warming
which I don't think is very solid science

yes, sweetie. but neither is creationism.*

i love this boy to death, but he can be pretty damn dense sometimes. also, he didn't even let me finish my argument. i was GOING to say that this event entirely misses the point of what it's arguing against, and that the only reason it's arguing against anything in the first place is for the sake of arguing. if these ridiculous people would put down their life-sized ann coulter sex dolls long enough to think about what the fuck they're trying to do, odds are they'd be just as confused as i am right now.

if you need me, i'll be in the dark, banging my fat liberal head against a wall.

*not god, just creationism. i like god.

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