Thursday, April 9, 2009

same bat time, same bad flannel

i heart the sexy people blog.

also, here is some poetry. i wrote the first stanza with magnetic words on my brother's fridge a few weeks ago when i was visiting him in manhattan, and i never got around to writing the rest. enjoy.

love is power
but only if and when
it lives in its truest form
not in the form of lust,
nor of petty infatuation
(though the discrepancies
can often fool even the
most impassible of hearts),
but in the incarnation that
it finds the most familiar: that
of the thing that manipulates the hearts
of the blase many, the tired fools who
think they know best
and it contorts their emotions
till they bear no resemblance to what they
were before
so, if love should find you
don't try to fight it off or ignore it till it
leaves, for it will not leave
all it wants to do is live inside your being
and take control over you, regardless of whether
or not that desire is mutual
because, if and when you allow it
to live in its truest form,
love embodies, exudes and is power.

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