Thursday, February 19, 2009

license to ill

so i've been sick now for, what, three days? four? something like that. i had some blood work done yesterday to make sure i don't have a problem with my immuno-goblins.* my doctor thinks that, since i'm always getting sick and sleeping for 20-hour periods of time for no reason, i might have an immunodeficiency that needs to be treated. not really entirely sure what this treatment entails, although i do know that it happens once a month and involves large needles. ye gods...
in other news, studies have shown that spooning with a small dog increases the release of endorphins into one's body, thus rendering one happier. okay, so i made that up. but seriously, don't knock it till you've tried it. my jack russell terrier, chico, is a hell of a cuddler.**

*actually called immunoglobulins, but calling them goblins makes them sound more awesome and less disease-like. 

**also, possibly, a better boyfriend than any human i've ever dated. just saying.

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